MAJ Solutions | Bossjones Blog Design Concept

Breadth of Work: Web Design & Development | Year: 2019
Tools: WordPress, Photoshop

CLIENT & PROJECT OVERVIEW: This is a self-initiated project, a work in progress

When you combine enthusiasm with creativity the result is Malcolm Jones. Meet Malcolm Jones, a public figure, a DevOps Engineer at Behance and my awesome big brother! Almost always draped in about 7 cheap “gold” chains, my brother is as creative and animated as his fashion sense would suggest. Malcolm’s creative energy fits the environment and culture at Behance, the Adobe online platform that allows artists to upload their portfolio and showcase their work to the art community but when he’s off the clock, he lets his magnificent imagination fly free by expressing himself and his love of anime, video games, and comic books through blogging.

Being himself, and allowing others to creatively be who they are, is what makes my brother so unique in a world where people look and judge. This is why I took on the task to build him his own personal blog where he can showcase his hobbies and personality through compelling narratives and imagery.


  • Website Release: Version 1.0 – Using WordPress, I built a smart and clean looking personal blogging website equipped with social media API integration. Blog posts can be published in 5 different formats: standard text, gallery, image, audio, and video. (Fully Responsive & Mobile-Optimized, Retina Ready).


ver 1.0 – Release! (Current version)

MAJ Solutions serves as a consultant to Malcolm Jones is providing ongoing branding and web services. The client is responsible for all written content.

Client: Malcolm Jones
Date: February 14, 2019
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